Benefits of Being a Part of IEEE

The benefits listed below were taken from the Student Branches Operations Manual.

The IEEE is the world’s largest professional technical society, providing members with access to essential industry information, networking opportunities, career development tools and many other benefits.

  • Stay current in technology – When the world looks for technical answers, rely on the IEEE.
  • IEEE Spectrum Magazine – Monthly editions with digital deliveries.
  • – television via internet that offers exclusive programming about technology and engineering to IEEE members, accessible through myIEEE, the exclusive member portal.
  • IEEE Xplore Digital Library – access to indexes and summaries of more than 2 million documents, as well as several books in digital format with various engineering topics.
  • IEEE Potentials Magazine – 6 online editions.
  • The Institute Newsletter – monthly online editions
  • Global Community – IEEE is the “global village” of technology – a global community where innovators share what works, what does not and what is needed now. Being a member gives you instant access to the IEEE through your local community, various events and your professional network.
  • IEEE sections – contact with others in the local membership community
  • Technical chapters – collaborate with others through technical briefings
  • MyIEEE – exclusive custom portal for IEEE members
  • IEEE Collabratec – social network of technical collaboration among IEEE members
  • IEEE conferences – Exclusive discounts for conference members
  • Volunteering – opportunities that develop leadership skills and professional networking.
  • IEEE e-mail – create an e-mail account @
  • Profession – From continuing education courses and certifications, to conferences and contests, you can get more learning, create more and achieve what more than what matters in your life and career through IEEE membership.
  • IEEE Job Site – find job opportunities easily and confidentially.
  • IEEE MentorCentre Program – an online tool for young IEEE members seeking professional guidance from IEEE members who wish to share their knowledge and life experiences.
  • Career Alert Newsletter – a weekly newsletter containing tips in addition to the IEEE Job Site “work of the week”.
  • IEEE eLearning Library – a series of attractive and interactive online learning tutorials based on the best educational content of IEEE conferences worldwide and unique materials developed specifically for inclusion in this library. These tutorials have been developed by renowned experts in a wide range of engineering and research technologies.
  • Awards – recognize and be recognized for your achievements.
  • Scholarships – Improve Your Resume with an IEEE Scholarship
  • InSight – digital medium dedicated to problems affecting the career of IEEE members.
  • IEEEx- Massive online courses offered by IEEE on the platform.
  • Financial Advantage Program – Non-technical benefits for you and your family
  • Insurance Services – A wide selection of insurance products designed exclusively for IEEE members at very competitive rates.
  • Financial Services – receives discounts on financial services from companies associated with the IEEE.
  • Home & Office Services – substantial discounts on products and services for your home and office.
  • Travel Program – services to enhance the travel experience for IEEE members and their families.

Additional Memberships

  • IEEE Society – Customize and add value to your IEEE membership by joining one or more of the 39 IEEE Societies.
  • IEEE Standards – Standards are what the IEEE is best known for.
  • IEEE Women in Engineering – Dedicated to the development of women in technical and scientific professions.
  • Additional Products – Various products available to IEEE members
  • IEEE Member Digital Library – Access to millions of IEEE documents.
  • Proceedings of the IEEE – the leading authoritative source for research, reports, information guides and seminars.